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Get early access to the most promising games in the space through their exclusive NFTs

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Scouting and looking for the most promising AI tokens in the market to be onboarded into our Accelerator. We aim to become the best place for new AI projects to launch their tokens into the market. Our partnerships with key players in the industry allow us to bring the most value for both investors and project.

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how to participate

Onboarding for Games

Pass our due diligence and connect to the future of gaming

eligibility for Agora NFT holders

Register to be available with your Agora NFTs

✦ A holder with 1 Hydra
‍✦ or A holder of minimum 2 Medusa can participate in this round

Form for investors

Study our due diligence reports for each project and complete the form to show your interest 


Astro Must

Astro Must

Multi-Player games
Astro Must
Astro Must is building a multi-player, multi-series of mini-games, all linked together with a single narrative: Astronaut lifelong dream to reach the moon and beyond.


How do I participate?

Yes, if you wish to participate in the OTC deals of every game.

Agora NFT holders are eligible if the requirements below are fulfilled:
✦ Own an UOS wallet..
✦ OTC trade/guaranteed mint (1/2)
✦ A holder with 1 Hydra or a holder of minimum 2 Medusas can participate in this round.
✦ OTC trade/guaranteed Mint (2/2)
✦ A holder with 1 Medusa or at least 2 Minotaurs can participate in this round. However, a maximum of 25% of the guaranteed allocation will be provided in this round.
✦ Public round

However, please note that depending on the project, if their allocation to Agora is very limited, Hydra holders will be prioritized!


Every game onboarded has passed Agora’s Due Diligence test.
You can check all the Due Diligence reports in the project tab.

how can my game get onboarded on Agora?

Please complete the onboarding form here.

other products

agora lootbox


The Loot Box offers an exciting chance to unlock valuable rewards and generate additional income. By participating in the innovative Loot Box system, users can enjoy the thrill of winning tokens and other enticing prizes.
agora dex

cross-chain dex

Enables efficient trading across multiple blockchains with low slippage, connecting the best games from various chains to provide users with a wide range of assets and a seamless trading experience.