Decentralised Lootbox system

agora lootbox

Loot Box Lottery

Agora's new loot box product brings a fresh and exciting experience to users within the decentralized exchange & gaming space. Agora aims to foster long-term loyalty while maximizing user satisfaction.

agora lootbox

Loot Box Mechanism

Users can participate in the loot box system by purchasing loot boxes using various currencies on the chosen chain. Agora takes a fee on each purchased loot box. Upon opening a loot box, users have a chance to win AGA tokens and other prizes randomly selected from a pool with different rarity levels. Winners can then retrieve their prizes directly from their wallets or through Agora's assistance for other chains.

loot box powered by

powerful AI

Participation in our Loot Box provides the opportunity to win leading AI tokens from top projects, fostering the involvement in the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence and unleashing the potential for industry-leading projects.

agora ai


How do I participate in the loot box system?

To participate, you can buy a loot box using different currencies on the chosen chain. The purchased loot box's value is immediately sent to Agora's treasury address in exchange for the loot box.

What happens when I open a loot box?

When you open a loot box, there are two possible outcomes: a winning box or a losing box (badbeat). If you open a winning box, you have a chance to receive a percentage allocation of AGA tokens and a prize randomly selected from the pool of prizes.

How can I retrieve my prize after opening a loot box?

Once your prize is selected and presented to you, you can retrieve it directly on your wallet. Alternatively, you may receive a certificate that allows you to claim your prize on another chain with the assistance of Agora, who can help facilitate the process.

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