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Decentralised Loot box system

how it works

you're always the winner!

1. Connect your metamask

Tailor your experience by selecting the quantity of boxes and the boost to enhance your chances. Connect your Metamask wallet, and for as little as 20 USDC, get your favourite loot box. Listen to your guts!


Reveal exclusive Gems redeemable for NFTs or tokens, all tradeable assets on the secondary market.


Collect 3 golden tickets and you're in for a share of the big jackpot!

Discover Our

Loot box projects

Delve into detailed project descriptions to unveil the riches awaiting you. Here, you'll find information about NFT and token supply, their value, utilities, due diligence reports, and engaging visuals and videos.

Experience the Future of Web3 Gaming and Investment

Agora’s Decentralised loot box System (DLS) is the cornerstone of a new era in Web3 gaming. The DLS offers Web3 projects an unprecedented opportunity for growth, user engagement, and revenue maximization. Meanwhile, users are given an entertaining lottery-like experience, early investment opportunities, and the chance to connect with industry giants.

On the User Side

Participate in the Most Exciting Launchpad and Loot Box Experience

Within Agora, you embark on a journey where you cannot lose! Every loot box is here to reward you with gems, akin of NFTs and tokens tradable directly on OpenSea. Access the most promising Web3 games, hand-picked by our due diligence team. Dive into opportunities with major Web3 players, including discounts on token sales and exclusive NFTs.
agora accelerator
on the game side

DLS - Your Web3 Gaming Project Launchpad

At Agora, we offer a unique sale proposition. Unlock growth and revenue potential by selling your NFTs or tokens in a gamified fashion. Engage directly your target audience and build up retention through our unique user experience. Build partnerships and attract communities from our vast network (Agora, SwissBorg, Ultra), boasting over 1 million users.


on the user side

What is the cost of a loot box?

Prices vary from 10 to 50 USDC, depending on the project.

Can I purchase more than one loot box?

Absolutely. There's no limit, but you can get up to 49 loot boxes in a single transaction.

How does the boost work?

Use our boost feature to enhance your chances of getting valuable Gems, so as to unlock amazing NFTs or tokens. Not enabled on all loot boxes.

What are Gems?

Each Gem is an NFT on Agora, categorized by rarity (Magic, Epic & Legendary). The rarer the Gem, the more valuable the rewards.

What can you gain with Gems?

Fantastic collectible item in the form of NFTs and tokens from our games and Agora itself.

Are unclaimed Gems tradable?

Yes. Indeed, you can transfer them on secondary markets like OpenSea.

How can I use a Gem purchased on the secondary market?

Connect to our Dapp, and link the same wallet used on OpenSea within your MetaMask. You'll find it on your Gem page for claiming.

What is a golden ticket?

It's an award you could receive upon purchasing a loot box, essential for claiming a jackpot.

How does the jackpot work?

Accumulate 3 golden tickets to secure a share of the jackpot.


We completed a solution for recycling leftover golden tickets once the loot box is sold out. Here's how it works: Collect 3 golden tickets, and you will be rewarded with 2000 AGA tokens.Don't have enough golden tickets? No worries! Our app features a 'Buy' button, allowing you to conveniently purchase additional golden tickets from the secondary market. Once purchased, simply click the "Refresh" button to view your new acquisitions.


Become part of an exclusive community with AGA tokens and discover the power of true digital ownership. As an AGA token holder, you're entitled to a wealth of privileges in the Agora ecosystem: 

Staking for Yield: Lock in your AGA tokens and watch your digital wealth grow. Benefit from a share of the loot box revenues as a reward for your commitment.

Staking for Exclusivity: Obtain access to limited edition loot boxes with premium, rare collections not available to the average user.

Discount on Purchases: Enjoy exclusive discounts on loot box purchases, making each transaction more rewarding.

Buy-Back & Burn: The Agora team periodically uses a portion of its profits or treasury to purchase AGA tokens from the open market. After the buy-back, the acquired tokens are 'burned', which means they are permanently removed from circulation.

Governance Rights: Have a voice in the future of Agora. Your stake in AGA tokens means a stake in decision-making processes.

Embrace the future with AGA tokens and its limited supply – where fun, fairness, and community lead the way to prosperity. More information: article link (TBD)

on the game side

Is the Agora loot box EVM compatible?

Yes, it's currently implemented on Ethereum, Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain, with additional chains like Polygon and Avalanche in the pipeline.

Can a whitelist system be implemented for a loot box?

Depending on your project, we can offer advantages such as free loot boxes with a whitelist.

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