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connect the most promising GameFi projects with gamers and investors through ...


cross-chain dex

The platform facilitates efficient trading across multiple chains by utilizing an AI liquidity optimizer, resulting in low slippage and minimal price impact, while also offering higher rewards for liquidity providers (LPs).

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agora digital identity


The gamified cross-chain wallet for gamers not only provides a seamless experience but also offers lower fees and higher yields, ensuring a rewarding financial outcome.



By providing funding for the best gaming projects and offering curated investment opportunities, gamers gain access to the most promising upcoming games. Additionally, they can enjoy early access to leading AI projects, ensuring they stay at the forefront of cutting-edge gaming technology.

agora accelerator
agora lootbox

Loot box

Users have the opportunity to obtain or win leading AI tokens, NFTs and other digital assets, further enhancing their participation and benefits within the platform ecosystem.

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powerful AI

AI integration revolutionizes activities, fostering innovation in the Agora Ecosystem. Our accelerator supports AI projects, while our LootBox provides early access to AI tokens, delivering community value. AI-powered smart contracts enable fair & top-tier in-game experiences, empowering Agora's innovative community.

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Offer the most promising GameFi projects to potential investors and community members through our NFT accelerator


Provide access to a single gaming passport and gasless in-game transactions through our SDK integration

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Agora is in partnership with Ultra, a top ten gaming blockchain providing a fair platform for game developers and easy access for gamers to the best games in crypto.
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SwissBorg is building the most innovative crypto wealth app, with 640k users and growing. They are a strategic partner for Agora, providing access to their ecosystem, as well as their gaming guild Xborg.