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Welcome to the Agora of GameFi

Agora aims to connect the most promising GameFi projects with gamers and investors, with a vision to achieve mass adoption of blockchain gaming.


Offer the most promising GameFi projects to potential investors and community members through our NFT Launchpad


Provide access to a single gaming passport and gasless in-game transactions through our SDK integration

All in one


AgoraDex offers low slippage trading, AI managed liquidity, high rewards for liquidity provision, and cross-chain functionality. It connects the best games from multiple chains, ensuring that users have access to a wide range of assets and a seamless trading experience.


Agora's gaming identity enables users to make in-game transactions conveniently, incurring fewer gas fees and improving their overall user experience. Additionally, users can manage all of their gaming and trading activity in one place.


Empower sustainable and promising web3 games with Agora’s assistance for their NFT collections, and at the same time present the best gaming projects to potential investors and community members.









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Agora is developed in partnership with the Ultra blockchain, a top ten gaming project providing a fair platform for game developers and easy access for gamers to the best games in crypto.

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Supported by SwissBorg

SwissBorg are building the most innovative crypto wealth app, with 720k users and growing. They are a strategic partner for Agora, providing access to their ecosystem, as well as their gaming guild Xborg.

Powered by AI

AI algorithms can greatly improve routine activity for users. Thanks to ZKML technology, AI can now be integrated into the blockchain world, which enable AgoraDex to allow continuous liquidity optimisation.

Supported by YAP

YAP is the first digital banking platform in the UAE with over 200,000 users and expanding to 5+ MENA countries. It works with Agora as the preferred DEX for transactions and offers access to a network of financial services.

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