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The saga continues

With the support of the Mystic Weapons, the Genesis of Minotaur, Medusa, and Hydra were able to reclaim most of the territory. However, the Athenians did not back down. The saga continues….


in progress

The One-Eyed Hero

The Cyclops had long isolated itself from the conflicts of mortals, using its artificial gift of foresight to observe the course of history unfold. But now, with the desperate plea for assistance echoing through the realm, the Cyclops recognized the need to provide prophetic predictions. The AI Oracle is now established!


the Mystic weapons

An elderly Spartan stated one day: “There was this mystic weapon that helped the mystic trio to build humanity 2,000 years ago. A legend once told me, in the center of the Mount Olympus lies the miraculous weapon, and it can only be awakened by the call of all the Minotaurs, Medusas & Hydras. We will have to unleash it to assist us!”



After almost three decades of war with the Athenians, the growing deconstruction of our city, economy, and humanity continues. Citizens from different social classes are struggling to survive with the increasing costs of living.We, the Spartans, refuse to give up our freedom to this war.

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